Monday, 23 December 2013


All around the world, there are many places waiting to be discovered. Mauritius is the ideal destination for a unique experience. It is a wonderful place to seat back and relax. Mauritius is an island set in motion by the soft breezes of the Indian Ocean, it is the place to get pampered. With its many sandy beaches and azure waters this small island is as beautiful as a paradise. 
Mauritius is an island of contrasts and abundance.There is something for everyone, nature lovers, will love to discover the unspoiled waterfalls and forests.
 The striking sand-rimmed lagoons, sandy beaches for sun worshipers

 Mauritius has a great number of golf courses for the perfect game

 Romantic diner for the time-together

There is plenty of historic and momentous sights, pools, hotels and boutiques, a wide variety of cuisines and sport.
The most important thing about Mauritius is the warm-welcoming attitude and exceptional hospitality.

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