Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lake Como

Arriving in Milan at sunrise, we waited at the airport and watched the sunrise over a beautiful city. After managing to communicate in broken Italian to find the coach to take us to the inner city, we began our journey.


Pulling up to Lake Como we were overcome by beauty, miles of green mountain terrain as far as the eyes could see. Dotted amongst the natural green landscape were perfect structures making up the thousands of houses. Centered in the middle of this landscape was the crystal blue lake, jaw-dropping natural beauty.
To travel to the main Como area, an hour ferry ride will allow you to explore Como via the lake. Stopping at several smaller villages on route, each with its own culture and history to discover.

The main area of Como is full of vibrant bars and restaurant serving the freshest Italian foods and the vastest range of wines. The locals welcomed us with open arms and were friendly and helpful.
Written by: CallMeMishka

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