Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Shard

Recently we visited The Shard which is located at London Bridge in the centre of London. Having lived in London for over two decades there are still many places of interest here. 
London is a menagerie of buildings and people.
It being the tallest building in Western Europe with a height of 1,016 feet.


We went high speed to level 33 and whisked to the viewing platform on Level 68  in around 60 seconds.

On a hazy afternoon at a height of 244m, The Shard offers spectacular views over London

Amazing views of streets below

The view of London's financial district and Canary Wharf

Level 72, the open-air viewing gallery, where a mighty wind was howling through the open top giving an impression of weightlessness .With a sharp intake of breath we familiarised ourselves with the setting and surrounding.

With specially-designed telescopes we picked out London’s landmarks in the streets below and focused a particular landmark.

We watched a 3 minutes live view of London, despite the cloudy weather the view was utterly amazing.

From the height of The Shard, the surrounding buildings look like domino's faces or match sticks.

The building’s viewing platforms were opened to the public in 2013.
If the fear of heights doesn’t make you think twice, the price might.

After all this is London

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