Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Five top off beaten paths in Mauritius

The small island nation off the south-east coast of Africa is a hugely popular place for travelers to visit. Famed for it's stunning beaches, crystal clear, turquoise seas and ever friendly, welcoming locals there is little wonder it attracts so many people! Although most well known for its beaches, and for good reason, with a little exploration there is so much more to uncover on this small island paradise. 
With countless historical sites, markets, ports, towns and much more, your holiday in Mauritius will be great fun for everyone! Because Mauritius is such a popular destination the best way to get the most authentic and unique experience is to head off the beaten track, here are some ideas of what to do in Mauritius.

1. Street food
With an abundance of fresh produce and influences from all over the world the street food scene here is among the most diverse in the world. Sample traditional local cuisine, spicy creole creations, Indian snacks, pickled fruits and much more, and all with such low prices you won't feel guilty eating out for every meal!

2. Get your hike on
Mauritius for nature lovers is a true paradise, get away from the beaches and head inland for some truly spectacular hikes, climb Le Pouce, the third highest mountain, or cool off in the Tamarind falls for wonderful views.
 3. Visit the local rum distillery
The tropical climate is perfect for growing sugar cane and thus perfect for making rum! Take a trip to Rhumerie de Chamarel for rum tastings and tours with a beautiful backdrop.
4. Visit Rodriguez Island
Hop on the cargo ship traveling once a week to Rodriguez Island for the most authentic Mauritian experience. With a local African/Creole culture, the island is unique to Mauritius and is a beautiful and relaxed place to experience.

5. Celebrate Divali in Triolet
With a large Indian population, Divali is a well celebrated festival here in Mauritius and the small town of Triolet in the north of the island does it best. The streets become filled with people dressed in beautiful clothes sharing traditional cakes and sweet treats, music blares out and the atmosphere is one of joy and fun. From the food to the fireworks this is a wonderful and truly special place to celebrate this festival.

However you like to enjoy your travels, make sure to experience the authentic Mauritius and get off the beaten path to get the most out of your time in this wonderful country.

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