Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Saga

The Island:
Surrounded by water, this island is dotted with natural resources, and is well-known for its numerous active volcanoes. 

The Vikings:
Growing up I read many stories about the Vikings, men of prowess and strength with broad axe. Blowing horns and having mighty ships. I indulged into their nomadic life styles.

The Saga:
What confusion, what a saga. Words that were often said to nullify and describe a story, a likened moment.  A saga is a tale, a story, many sagas are still apparent today.

The Beauty:
The extreme beauty of the land is seen in many films. It is impossible to describe. The Sci-fi landscape of the island seems to be a reflection from the far away galaxy.  Highlands of untouched paths are yet to be discovered. Snow cap mountains: the seas; the lands are probably still described as they were during the days of the Saga.

My Dream:
Iceland has been doted with a unique natural vista. I would like discover the fascination of such a place. To dip in a hot lagoon must be a thrilling experience, to witness the light of the sky at one with the darkness beyond.

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