Friday, 17 July 2015

10 reasons why you should not go cruising.

There are over 60 cruise liners operating 330 cruise lines all over the world. The choice is plentiful. Before you choose a cruise consider carefully, what you desire.

1- Cruises are for Old People.

Years ago the photographs of cruises were  noticable for showing the older generation. Now times have changed, tremendous facilities can be found on the ships. Cruising is not just for the oldies, it is for all ages.

2- Cruises are too Expensive.

This is a misconception, considering what you get, cruises are not really that expensive. You have all the food in a choice of restaurants. Daily afternoon tea and midnight buffets. Entertainment, cocktail parties and the cabaret show.
Where other can you go, seeing the world and unpacking only once!

3- Cruises are Formal.

Check the brochures and you will find some formalities. For example when fine dining you would be expected to wear a formal dress. Alternatively cruises can have a free modern dress style. 

4- Sea-sick on a Cruise.

Go with an open mind there is the possibility of being sea-sick. However modern ships are well stabilised, even on rough seas.

5- Cruises are not Safe.

Compared to other forms of travel cruise ships are one of the safest way of transport.

6- Cruises are Boring.

You will never get bored on a cruise. There are many things to do: learn to cook, learn to dance, read a book. You have endless opportunities and the excursions when in port.

7- Having to fly to go to the Cruise.

You do not have to travel far to go on a cruise. It can only  be a short journey away, as in the UK you can cruise from ten ports.

8- Cruises are too Regimented.

It's a holiday to be enjoyed.  You are free to make choices of ways of spending your time.

9- Cruises are Old Fashioned.

Two million people went on a cruise last year, WHY? Because cruise lining is the current trend.
10- Cruises are Tatty and Oversubscribed. 

Cruising is popular, but
certainly not tatty. Cruising has the “wow” factor. You will be amazed because there is much on offer .

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