Monday, 15 June 2015

To P or not to P that’s the question!

You will inevitably come to ask yourself that question when you book a holiday. Boeing has announced that they plan to reduce the size of the bathroom on their Boeing 777-300ER models. Why to fit 14 more seats! 

However shrinking the size of bathrooms is nothing new. It has already been done. In 2013 an airline requested reduced-sized bathrooms to be fitted to their fleet of 737-900s, to fit four more seats into economy class cabins.

Boeing is finding way to make planes lighter and more marketable to airlines.

To P or not to P will be a tricky debate and will require serious negotiation. 

Before you book your next seat on a 777-300ER.

1-Try to fit in a 3x3-foot-dimension toilets or smaller.
2-Choose a different type of aircraft

3-Travel business class.
4-Do not drink on board.
5-Hold it for hours and hours.

Soon at airport you migh be asked to go through a 3x3 foot door 

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