Monday, 8 June 2015

Things to do while visiting England

No Man's Land Fort
Situated in the middle of the Solent, mile from Portsmouth, was built between 1867 and 188 to protect Portsmouth. The fort was used a filming location for several scenes and in April 2015. This distinctive and historical venue opened as a hotel.

Stay in a wooden wigwam
Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, wooden wigwam offers a fantastic base to experience unique and fascinating heritage, spectacular landscapes and great activities.

Historical Britain  
Most castles are set in stunning countryside. These mighty medieval castles can be seen from miles. Their grandeur only seems to increase as you get closer.  The castles are full of historical artefacts; visit the wonderful restored gardens and the lovely grounds. Look out for the oldest features.


Visit a garden
The grounds are carpeted with a unique and famous collection of flowers and plants, holly maze, a paradise garden, knot garden and orchard.

Take a coastal walk.
The English coastline is spectacularly beautiful, rich in wildlife. The best way to explore its beauty is by walking along the Roman road, trying pony trekking and to take a  journey through picturesque villages and past famous ancient sites. 



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