Wednesday, 1 July 2015

5 Places you Need to See in Haiti

A beautiful Caribbean country on the island of Hispaniola, tourism in Haiti is increasing as it becomes a hot travel destination for 2015.  Stunning beaches, exciting open markets, and 19th century landmarks are just a few of the reasons people visit Haiti.  There are many new hotels in Haiti for overnight visitors that want a luxurious taste of paradise, such as Royal Oasis and the Marriot Port-Au -Prince hotel.
On your next visit to Haiti, be sure to check out our top five things to see and do.

Relax on Port Salut Beach
A lesser known beach on the southern coast of Haiti, Port Salut Beach is known among locals for pristine beauty and a stunning mountain backdrop.  Though gaining in popularity, you will enjoy the tranquil area, calming waves and shady spots under tall palm trees away from the more crowded tourist beaches.

Visit Citadelle Laferriere
The Citadelle is a large mountaintop fortress built in the 19th century.  A symbolic landmark of the beginning of the slave revolution, this large fortress is open to visitors for an insight into its modest but intriguing interiors and storied past.

See the Sans-Souci Palace
Once the home of King Henri I of Haiti, it was mostly destroyed in an earthquake in the 19th century.  Near Milot, you can trek to the top and barter with a local guide for some history on the palace.  The ruins instil a sense of wonder at what it used to be, and the views of Haiti from the top are breathtaking.

Visit a Market
The people of Haiti are friendly and enthusiastic, the markets are no different.  In most major areas and along beaches you can find open air markets plentiful with trinkets, handmade goods, clothing, and even one-of-a-kind paintings by local artists.  Bartering is expected here, so be sure to practice first!  The markets are common in the large tourist areas and can differ by city, each giving you a unique offering by the friendly locals.

Tour the Rhum Barbancourt Distillery
Just outside of Port-Au-Prince stands this famous distillery.  Take a guided tour through the distillery’s different areas and learn about how this famous product is made.  At the end, you’ll be taken to a beautiful outdoor seating area where you can taste many rums offered by Barbancourt.  A must do for any rum-lover!
However you decide to see Haiti, you’ll be captivated by the country’s friendly vibes, relaxing beaches, and the perfect blend of new luxurious resorts and historic sites and areas.

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