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Travel to Madagascar

Sometimes referred to as the Great Red Island, Madagascar is one of the beautiful travel destinations worth visiting in the world. Located about 600 kilometers from the eastern part of Africa, Madagascar is isolated from the world, making it one of the secluded destinations where serenity is a reality. Here you will find beautiful landscapes and unique species of animals. Some of the top tourist attractions are listed below.

Ranomafana National Park
Located in the southeastern part of Madagascar, Ranomafana National Park is a place where you’ll find a wide range of wildlife including lizards, birds and cute lemurs. If you are looking for the best place on this beautiful island where you can admire animals, then you should consider visiting Ranomafana National Park. Notable for housing some of the world’s cutest lemurs, the park is a must visit for everyone, especially animal lovers. The park was established in 1991 so as to protect the wide array of wildlife on the island as well as reducing human damages on this protected area. 

Tsingy de Bemaraha
Located on the western coast of the island, Tsingy de Bemaraha was listed among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1990. One of the unique features of this lovely place is the strange karst limestone formations which reach 180 meters in height. Thousands of visitors troop into the Tsingy de Bemaraha just to admire its natural beauty. The southern part of the area was turned into a national park, offering visitors to explore the place and catch amazing moments, while the northern part is considered a restricted area. 

Ile Ste-Marie
Sometimes referred to as Nosy Boraha, the Ile Ste-Marie is a small island located on the eastern part of Madagascar. Ile Ste-Marie once served as the headquarters of world renowned corsairs such as Thomas White and William Kidd due to its tough-to-navigate lagoons and concealing vegetation. It is considered the best place in Madagascar for whale watching and also a perfect place to enjoy several water sports such as diving, fishing and surfing. There are also loads of beautiful white sand beaches where tourist can relax here. 

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
Sometimes referred to as the holy city, Ambohimanga is one of the most significant places in Madagascar. Unique culture and rich historical past makes this beautiful place stand out. It is one of the most serene places on the island where you can see lemurs and admire the unspoiled sights of Madagascar. Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is definitely worth visiting.

Departures dates 2016: Apr 28; Jun 09; Aug 04; Sep 22
Madagascar Explorer is escorted tour by an English speaking driver/guide and local expert guide during wildlife treks.
Itinerary: Antananarivo: 1 night • Toliara: 1 night • Ranohira/Isalo National Park: 2 nights • Ranomafana National Park: 2 nights • Antsirabe: 1 night • Andasibe National Park: 2 nights • Antananarivo: 1 night
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