Monday, 21 September 2015

The Colour of Thailand

Westfield in West London had a colourful and buzzing atmosphere.
Thailand was at Westfield. There was so much on offer, from old to modern.

The Colour of Thailand in its second year running was organized by Royal Thai Embassy, Office of Commercial Affairs and Tourism Authority of Thailand.
Tasty Thai treats were available to try, from a pop-up Busaba Eat Thai food truck to finest of teas.  A visit at the Daokrajai stand, where I tried fresh Oolong tea, very soothing.

A great selection of drinks from Thai beers, wines, coconut water and much more, I was much impressed to find that Thailand was a wine producer. Launched in 2003, Monsoon Valley Wines are one of Asia’s biggest wine producers with a range of Classic and Premium red, rose and white. The Shiraz Rose on the Premium was my favourite.
Siam Fresh Market stand was covered with fresh and exotic fruits and vegetable and lots of advice on cooking.

I visited the only stand offering unique hand-crafted jewellery made by women at The Fountain of Life Centre in Pattaya. The stand was manned by “The Thai Children Trust”. 

A cup of tea and a wonderful massage provided by the Amiika Spa at the end of the day was a welcome treat.
Nat Sopa
Do you know what Riceberry is? Riceberry is the new variety of rice. It has a deep purple colour and it tasted like the wild basmati rice. 
Thai dancers pictured with Deputy Embassador
My favourite time was to sit back and to enjoy the performance and music from Thailand: The Land of Smiles.

Amlet Travel with Thai Airways at Westfield West London
Amlet Travel

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