Friday, 11 December 2015

10 Travel tips for Christmas.

Christmas time is among the busiest time of the year at airports all over the world.
Here are my tips to help you to prepare for an enjoyable travel experience for the most wonderful time of the year.

1.   Everything has an expiry date. So does your passport. You need 6 months before expiry date from the date of travel.
Make sure that you have proper travel documentation for everyone to travel to destination, including children and infants.

2.  In-flight entertainment. 
Airlines have good in-flight entertainment system. You can connect onto your own laptop through an app on your iPhone or tablet. You can download the latest version of the airline's iPhone app for free access to hours of movies and TV programs.
Pack books, magazines, tablets and laptops loaded with entertainment, small games or toys for young ones.

3.   Check-in.
Airlines offer three check-in options: Online-check-in- Mobile- Self-serve kiosk.
Online-checking can be done 24 hours before scheduled departure.
Check-in on your mobile device by using airline’s app or mobile-optimized website.
Self-serve check-in kiosks are available at airports
I still prefer the old fashion face to face check-in.

All passengers must be presented at check-in.  


4. This is the busiest travel period of the year, so plan to arrive early. Be prepared for large crowds at the airport.
Make your travel plans even smoother and arrive no less than two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight.

5 A brand new bag.
Carry-on baggage must meet airline size requirements. Only one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item are permitted. 
Know your Baggage Allowances as each airline has its own luggage
allowance policies. Luggage restrictions can include, size, weight and number of bags permitted.

6. Take care of your belongings.
Be sure you pack passport, money, medication, mobile devices and
valuable items into carry-on baggage.

7. Presents wrapping.
Do not wrap presents. Airport security may ask you to open items in checked or carry-on baggage.

8. Want to take your pet with you
It is a no-no to and from the UK. 

9. Devices
Make sure all batteries on all your devices are fully charged.

10. Take Patience with you.
Holiday travel can be stressful, be prepared, and leave lots of time to travel to the airport, arriving early.
A little bit of patience goes a long, it will help making the journey more bearable.


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