Saturday, 21 November 2015

London to New-York in three hours! Close to reality!

Reality is getting closer. Soon we will be able to travel from London to New-York in three hours.
Travel to more places in new and more interesting ways, more and precious time with family.
No need to take Friday off, a long week-end away will be a long week-end away.

Airbus and Aerion hoped that they will be running test flight by 2021 and by 2023 commercial flights will be introduce.  At a top speed of 1,217mph, a bit slower than Concorde,  the AS2 supersonic jet should have the capability of reach New-York from London in three hours.
How much would you pay for a one-way ticket from London to New-York?

a) £5,000
b) £7,500
c) £8,000

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