Monday, 28 December 2015

Discover Sri Lanka

Our first stop a beautiful Hindu and Buddhist Temple was so peaceful.

It was a mad run for our train to Hikkaduwa. When the train arrived, it was a frenzy to grab a seat, with everyone pushing and climbing into windows to secure a seat. 

Our first visit was to the Turtle Sanctuary, located in a little open air structure; the guide was really informative and passionate about these rare creatures.
We visited the local village which was interesting and the Tsunami Museum. Here hard hitting photos remind us of the devastation caused.

Today we headed over to Persidon Dive Centre. A 20 meters dive with a maze and underwater boulders creating awesome turns and tunnels. Amazing time swimming amongst lobsters, crabs, puffer fish, etc.

 On our way to Whale Watching, we were treated to beautiful morning sunrise with dolphins riding at the front of the boat. We saw the first spray of water this was a blue whale the biggest mammal on earth. I never dreamed of seeing one, so was well excited. It was amazing to see. 

We went straight to the fort and old part of town. It's like you have been transformed back into the 17th Century the buildings and atmosphere still had that colonial feel to it. The fort is massive, and took us a while to get around it all, but the view from it was amazing.

The drive continued to Ella through amazing postcard scenes. Traveling up mountains through the windy roads, every corner opened up to lush green landscape. When we reached an amazing waterfall, the views were just stunning.
Next morning we headed for Small Adams Peak for sunrise, after a gentle trek through the dark and some muddy paths the view was to a sea of tea fields.

Beautiful sunrise between the mountain peaks of Ella, it's quite cold and fresh as we walked through the small jungle trail to the main road where our pick up was waiting for us. A 2 hours drive we ended up in Yala for Safari Tour. As you entered the park there was plenty to see: monkies, water buffalo, kingfisher birds and stalks.

A visit to a Tea Factory it's quite amazing to see how the leaves are processed. 

Beautiful sunrise with Ella peak in view, today we have a 6h train journey to Kandy. The train snaked through the mountains to beautiful landscapes each one could have easily been a postcard.  The best train ride I've ever taken.

Last day
Holiday done, it was a great trip, one of my favourite places in the world, with great sights, beautiful history and culture. There is a lot to do for every traveller. My main highlight was Ella there was something very special about it, a place where are forced to just chill and enjoy the moment. I will definitely be coming back to this little paradise.

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