Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Day in ATLANTA Ga.

Years ago I travelled to Atlanta many times. For this journey I had everything well planned: easy, all my friend and I have to do is to take The Marta to our Hotel in Downtown Atlanta.  When we arrived, I realized how much Atlanta Airport has changed. I did not recognized the usual walkway from the plane to Customs. To my friend's delights, we were transported into an art gallery. Art is prevailing at the Airport, and to her amusement there was no train to the baggage claim. Little did I know that now, there is a new international Airport, there is a free shuttle a twenty minutes drive to the domestic airport where the Marta is. Marta (The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) is the train that connects the airport to the city of Atlanta.

Our day in Atlanta started with a tour from Camp Creek to City Centre. 

Art Centre

Center for Civil and Human Rights

Martin Luther King's Home

Coca-Cola, CNN

Lenox Shopping Mall in Buckhead
The Atlanta Streetcar is a great way to see the city, it came in service in 2014. The Atlanta Streetcar goes in a loop around the city and has 10 stops. It is an quick way to explore the city.

A rainy day in Atlanta, many beautiful memories. 

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