Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What to do in Vietnam?


Vietnam is an amazing place to visit. A few days to discover a different side of  this beautiful place.


  Củ Chi

Today we headed to the Cu Chi Tunnels. There is over 250km tunnels built and used during the Vietnam War.  The lifestyle of the Vietnamese people was pretty incredible to how they managed to survive by using the ant hills to hide vent shafts by only cooking in the morning so the smoke would be mistaken for mist.


Ho Chi Minh

We jumped on a boat to the coconut village, a quick twenty-minute boat ride we were at the coconut village where they made all things with coconuts. The sweets were like nougat; our favour had to be the coconut wine which had been left in a jar with dead snakes.  However, the highlight of the tour was going for a paddle one of the many canals in the area.


Phan Thiet

Taking a private car wasn't really the traditional way of doing things but it was the same price as the train to we opted for it. 

  Đà Lạt

We decided we would take the bikes and check out the elephant waterfalls, about an hour away. We travelled down these mountain roads which snaked through some beautiful scenery.

 Elephant Falls is a standalone waterfall in the middle of the Vietnamese landscape. 

The trek was a makeshift route through the different spots, quite an adventurous trek.

We trekked back up and saw this Hindu temple in the backdrop to which we decided to visit. The temple was newly built with 5 statues inside with bonsai trees all around the exterior and completely quiet.

100 Roofs Café
Now I've been to a lot of bars all round the world. This bar was a unique one, I've ever experienced such a place. Downstairs opened into a series of manmade tunnels and caves. A massive labyrinth of stairs, the further we went through the most magical it became.


Photos used with permission.

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